Looking Back at 2017

We are wrapping up our first two months at The Gallery on Fourth. It’s been quite the journey to get where we are and we’re looking forward to 2018. Our goal is to provide a unique working environment for the growing number of solo entrepreneurs and freelance contractors in today’s workforce. This new workforce continues to grow and is projected to reach 43% of the total workforce by the year 2020.

The Gallery on Fourth provides a collaborative working environment for professionals with a host of amenities to add value to their daily work experience. If you are ready to make that next step, get out of the coffee shop or your spare bedroom we are ready for you. We anticipate collaborative sessions, networking opportunities and social events to be regular activities at The Gallery on Fourth.

In addition to our class A office amenities (complimentary refreshments, private conference room, large meeting room, complimentary WiFi and key less access 24/7) we have also included a photo studio for use by the many professional photographers in the area. As a photographer, you can rent the studio by the hour or get a 50% discount on the hourly rate by becoming a Whitebox Studio member.

Perhaps the greatest amenity of The Gallery on Fourth is location.  Our open office layout, with incredible views of the art district, provides you with a great sense of place.  There are very few spaces in Northwest Arkansas or the region that can compete with The Gallery on Fourth.  We invite you to stop by anytime to check it out for yourself.